Being an illustrator is among the many illustration jobs available today. This career field keeps on adapting with the advancement of technology. Part of the job of an illustrator is to create art that helps others to visualize an idea or a mood. Like most other jobs, there are many benefits that come with being an illustrator.

Freedom of expression

Illustrators can express their creativity while earning a great living. An illustration job is perfect for those who want to have their creativity flowing. It lets you apply your creativity and artistic talents in diverse industries. These include marketing, publishing, and even healthcare.

Medium flexibility

One of the cool things about being an illustrator is the availability of various mediums. Print and web are among the most popular. Most illustrators who get into web design try to pick up programming skills as well. These skills help open up new job opportunities. An illustrator can branch off into other skill sets that may help in the development of their career.


Client base

Every business needs an illustrator in one way or another. An illustrator makes marketing materials designs for advertising campaigns and promotional posters. These include product packaging, brochures, posters, and even vouchers. Illustrators will always have plenty of work. Many businesses around the corner keep on growing. There are also a lot of new businesses popping out.

Freelance potential

With modern technology, it is easy to do freelance work online as an illustrator. There are so many virtual places to find freelance work. It is a great opportunity to earn money while in the comfort of one’s home. Being a freelance illustrator lets you control your time. Most illustrators have a full-time job while doing projects in their free time.


Working in-house is an option for those who want to have the stability to secure their peace of mind. This option is perfect for those who are unable to run their own studio or have no place at home to do illustration jobs. Some illustrators who are starting out are not yet ready to freelance and choose to work in-house first.


Getting a formal education can help but there are many ways to improve an illustrator’s skills. Most illustrators learn on their own by practicing at home. There are many websites to visit for studying art. There are also a lot of videos that show practice tutorials. Books that tackle animation, illustration, and other subjects are available at most bookstores. Going to school gives the benefit of having teachers to guide and critique your work. You can rely on forums if you choose to learn on your own at home.

There are many ways to market skills online. There is a rich design community online. It is full of great forums, gallery sites, blogs, tutorial sites, and more.

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