Hop on to the New Jam


Songs began for people to be entertained. Often times, to this day and age, songs are made for people to feel a connection with them. To make them relate to what the composer and singer are trying to convey.

You listen to music as you work, as you head to work and when you go to the gym. When you are at home you could be listening to music as you clean or lounge around. And of course, who cannot forget that you definitely listen to music as you party with family and friends. Even cocktail parties have soft and gentle music that you listen to.

But what you are looking for at the moment are hip-hop songs.

With many online and application platforms nowadays, it is not hard to find a song of your choice to listen to. You simply type in the title and/or artist, press the search or enter button and there you have, the song that has been stuck in your head and you have dying to listen to.

But with sites like YouTube and Spotify, it could be hard. There are sites that allow you to download songs from YouTube, and if you are a premium subscriber on Spotify then most definitely you can download as well and listen offline.


But what if the links on YouTube do not work; that has happened before. And what if you do not have the luxury to be a premium member. Sure, you can still always go back to YouTube and search for your favorite songs, maybe even watch their music videos. And on Spotify, if you are using the free version, you have some access (very limited and you know it) but still, you will be able to hear them.

But still, again, you want to listen to them wherever you go. Imagine being in a place where there is no internet or your data is not strong enough but you really need to listen to that song that has been stuck in your head for days.

So now you are looking for ways to find music for yourself without having to go through the complications of YouTube or the limitations of Spotify. And as you have heard, there is a new YouTube application but that also requires you to subscribe, meaning you will have to pay for you to enjoy the experience.

Now what?

Lucky for you there is MP3JA. It has the music of both new and old hip-hop songs and videos. It is every hip-hop fans dream entertainment hub. The site is updated with all the latest hip-hop music and it will not fail you when you are in the mood for this certain song or that. With Kabza De Small songs you can enjoy all the music in the world of hip-hop that you need for your sound pleasure.

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