5 Features to look for when selecting a music institute

Music institute

If you are looking to learn music from a premier institute, you should be aware that out of many institutes offering music education, only a few make it to the top. So, ultimately, you (the student) must be benefitted. You should be able to perform in a 現場樂隊(Live band) with confidence. To bring you to that level, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while choosing a music institute.

#1 Courses Offered

By now you should be aware of what sort of music you wish to study – classical or western and vocal or instrumental. If instrumental, you should also have a clear idea of what instrument you would like to learn.

With these in mind, you should look for institutes that conduct 音樂導師招聘 (Music tutor recruitment) specialised in the courses that are offered. You may also ask for a demo class before getting admission. Also, the certificates or degrees offered here must be credible elsewhere.

#2 Faculty

Most of the music institutes showcase the profiles of the faculty that teach in their institute. Look up their credibility online in their respective areas in the field on music. Also, try to join the institutes in which legends in your area of music are running or somebody from that line. Ultimately, you should get quality teachers to learn from.

selecting a music institute

#3 Curriculum

Yes, even though music is a non-academic subject, there should be a curriculum to guide the process of teaching and learn. Some institutes divide music courses into popular music courses, classical music courses, digital music courses, vocal music courses and, theoretical music courses. These ensure that the students are exposed to all major styles of music within a particular instrument or vocals style. As music is very vast, having a blueprint regarding the course helps in determining and achieving milestones.

#4 Teaching Process

Teaching process should be very systematic. As a few music teachers say, the learning outcome of a music course is 10% instruction and 90% practice. But this 10% matters a lot because it directs the students as to what to practice and what is the right way to practice. So, a systematic teaching process is very important to ensure success and confidence in the music career of the students.

#5 Exposure

Not only learning but also the amount of exposure that the students get matters. There must be an opportunity for the students to showcase what they have learnt. This motivates them and also helps them know where they stand. Students of any music institute must be provided with an opportunity to perform in 現場樂隊 (live bands) and various other stages.

So, these were 5 features to look for when selecting a music institute. All the best!!

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