How to Make Your Movie Date Nights Perfect

How to Make Your Movie Date Nights Perfect

Instead of going to movie theaters, why not try something cozy like cuddling while watching movies? This sounds pleasant but the process of choosing the right movie can be stressful.

Keep in mind that watching with your partner can enhance your relationship – especially if the film sparks conversation regarding relational issues. With this, you have to pick the right movie that should resonate with you as you watch.

To help you get started, here are simple ways to make your movie date nights perfect:

Set a schedule

The key to a successful date night is setting a schedule. Watching movies together will serve as your bonding moment so making it a habit can help your relationship. Do you prefer Friday or Saturday night? Discuss it then make a plan.

Pick a neutral movie

It is not fair to drag your partner to see something that he is not interested in. You need to pick a neutral movie like romantic-comedy of action-flick. This way, you will be assured that your partner is also having a good time.


Be mindful of each other’s timelines

You should also be mindful of each other’s timelines. If your partner just finished a 16-hour workday, it is not recommended to pick something heavy or dramatic. Instead, choose short and light movies just enough to take all the stress away.

Consider an app

You will be surprised that there are sites designed to help your movie date nights. These apps work by allowing you to input one movie that you want to watch. After, it will give a list of films that incorporated the elements of the film that you inputted. Thanks to a special algorithm, you can find a movie in no time.

So, what’s next?

If you prefer downloading more than streaming, you should choose the right one. While you can consider sites like 9movies, you should at least be mindful of the following factors:

  • Cost: the cost will vary but as much as possible, you should pick something that is free. When looking into the cost, you have to check the video quality and the packages.
  • Download limits: there are sites that offer free subscriptions but some have put download limits. It is important that you check download limits so you can download accordingly.
  • Movie selection: there is no point subscribing if the site only offers a few movies. You have to browse through their collection and make sure that they offer new and old movies.
  • Security: a reliable site is designed with security in mind. This is to ensure that you will be safe from the damages brought about by malware.

Make a list

When it is time to choose, you usually feel pressured. With this, you end up not watching at all because of the frustration. The best thing to do if you have time is to go through the site and browse before the scheduled movie date night.

Final words

Having date nights at home can save you a lot of money, time and frustration – as long as it is the right movie. If you do not like the movie, do not hesitate to put a new one. With this, you should always download one more.

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