Adult Thriller Telugu movie on AHA- Dirty Hari


Are you looking for any thriller movie to reveal the detective hidden inside you on your OTT platform like aha? We suggest you all watch this new psychological thriller that will surely let out the detective hidden inside you.

 AHA app has a new addition to its library; Dirty Hari movie online is a Telugu psychological thriller movie that was released on 18th December 2020 is now available on your favorite aha-app

 The movie is written and directed by M.S Raju, produced by GuduruSateeshBabu, Guduguru Siva Rama, and Guduru Sai Puneeth. The leading cast of the film is Shravan Reddy, Ruhani Sharma, and Simrat Kaur. Mark K. Robin gives the music, and the movie’s cinematographer is M. N. Baal Reddy. The film is produced under the banner of SPJ Creations.

You can watch these movies online on our newly launched app, aha, without violating the social distance rule and enjoy it at your home.  The app offers you a varied collection of movies, including the latest Dirty Hari. You can watch it with your partner. Not forgetting to mention that it is an adult movie, so only and only if you are 18+ then just you are supposed to watch it.


We are sharing with you the movie’s plot that will help you get the film in the quick shot, and we are sure that you will surely give it a watch.

The movie revolves around the main leads Hari, Vasudha, and Jasmine. Ambitious Hari, portrayed by Shravan Reddy, a brilliant chess player, comes to Hyderabad to become rich and famous. On his way towards becoming wealthy and successful, he finds a shortcut and befriends the daughter of a prosperous business of Hyderabad, Ravi Shankar. Soon after, Ravi Shankar’s daughter Vasudha portrayed by Ruhani Sharma falls in love with each other, and they both decide to get married.

While their marriage functions and family gathering were on, Hari meets Jasmine, portrayed by Simrat Kaur, the girlfriend of Vasudha’s cousin Aakash. Jasmine is a new and upcoming actress who believes in hard work and determination and wants to earn success and fame through her hard work. Hari, who is supposedly getting married, falls for her beauty and elegance. Though both are quite the opposite of each other, Jasmine gets close to Hari in her weak moment.

It leads to an accidental relationship between them which both Jasmine and Hari decide to keep a secret. This is how the plot revolves around these characters.

Concluding with

Time to get out the hidden detective inside you with this psychological thriller Telugu movie. There are some stupid old dialogues in the film.

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