Are online games online too cruel?


Thanks to modern technology, when computers are a must for everyone, online games online are very popular among children, adolescents and young people. These games offer advanced games such as coordinated strategies and popular tactics for shooting games and general social interactions for online multiplayer role-playing games or MMORPGs.

These online games offer hours of play. Most of their players prefer this type of entertainment instead of sports and physical games, because they can play and enjoy without leaving their own home.

Cruel games

One of the most controversial factors regarding online games on the Internet is the level of violence that they introduce into the game. It cannot be denied that most of them have themes of fantasy wars, modern wars and adventure militants. In addition, each of these issues is somehow related to battle and death. So, when can you say that the game is too cruel to play it?

Most online games are somehow related to violence. Shooters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, CounterStrike and Borderlands include shooting and killing other characters in the game to win. Popular fantasy internet games such as World of Warcraft and Warcraft Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) use magic and sword fighting to “kill” monsters and other players and can be enhanced through highest boosting to overwatch.

A factor determining the level of “violence” in a game is the form or process that battles perform or portray. The above-mentioned popular online games are less bloody or bloody. As soon as a player shoots and “kills” his opponent, the death animation becomes very fast and less detailed. Thus, players focus on their strategy, and do not notice the cruelty of the game.

The fact is that some online games on the Internet are too cruel. Instead of emphasizing the strategy game developed in other popular games, he offers detailed animation about how the player dies and the process involved in it. Samples of violent scenes that are not suitable for all ages are detailed animations of blood and blood. Decapitation and dismemberment animations are some of these brutal animations.

Precautionary Measures

Violence is easy to control when the players are teenagers, young people and adults. Due to their psychological state, when they play, they can stop playing when they feel offended. The real problem is that children under 16 play these violent online games on the Internet.

So that children are not exposed to such cruel and inappropriate games, parents must accompany their children when they buy their games.

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