What to Consider When Booking a Birthday Party Venue

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The venue is the first factor to consider when you are holding a grand birthday celebration. The first step to take to determine the venue is the number of guests. You can only pick the appropriate venue when you have figured out the expected number of guests to the party. If you are seeking a special birthday party venue Hong Kong, it is a must for you to do ample research. Here is how to start:

Check the distance

A good venue is one that is not too far from where your neighborhood is. This is particularly applicable when you bring with you props and other paraphernalia to the venue. If you have guests that are not from your locality, it’s better to pick a popular venue. This will make it easy for them to find. When sending invitations, you can include a map going to the location. This will make it more convenient for your invited guests.

Look at the available space

When you consider the space, make sure that it can accommodate the number of guests you have in mind indoors. If it is an outdoor wedding, you don’t have to worry about the seating arrangement, but in an indoor wedding you also have to make sure that there are enough rest rooms and parking space for the guests.

Learn about the catering service of the venue

Apart from being able to accommodate the number of guests you have in mind, check on the catering aspect of the venue. Find out how they can customize the chef’s menu according to the needs of your guests. Ask what foods and drinks you can bring instead. Also ask about the cake if they can customize it based on your theme. You might to ask also if it is possible for you to have the cake ordered elsewhere. Take note of every food on the menu and its corresponding price. You may need to check the use and arrangement of cutlery as well.

birthday party venue hong kong

Consider the party decorations

The party wouldn’t be lively without the right decorations. Most of the party venues have their own event planners. They will help you decorate the venue. There are several aspects to party venue decorations. A buffet table has to be decorated and it must have a theme. It may also include another focal point such as a stage. There are celebrators who prefer to have the entire venue decorated.

Think about the entertainment

A birthday party has to be fun. That’s why it’s a must to have entertainment. The venue might provide you some performers to grace the occasion. Games must also be available for the kids to enjoy. This is particularly required for an outdoor birthday party. Make sure that the games will include all age groups for everyone to join. If the party has a theme, you can organize a game that is according to it.

Of course, don’t forget the cost

You have to set a budget for the venue. Stick to it until the end. If you choose an uptown and upscale party, and you have a tight budget to follow, it will be chaotic for you. It’s not smart to book an expensive venue for 500 when you only have 30 guests.

These are some golden nuggets of advice which will help you find the best birthday venue.

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